Is a Pie a Pastry?

Is a pie a pastry? This is one question that pastry chefs and food critics alike have debated for centuries. It may seem simple to determine what a pie is and what a pastry is, but some believe a pie is a pastry while others think a pie is not a pastry. 

So is a pie a pastry? A pie is most certainly a pastry. A pie is baked dough with a filling inside of it and a bottom and top crust to seal in the gooey goodness inside. 

A pie is a baked dish of fruit, meat, or vegetables. It is often used to describe a baked dish of fruit, although it can also be used for meats and veggies as well.

Pie – a Pastry

Pie is a pastry. What is pastry?

A pastry is a soft, often sweet food made from dough of flour and water that has been rolled flat and then baked.

The pastry is used for making desserts and can also be used to make other savory dishes.

Pie is a pastry because it is made with pastry dough which is soft and sweet (and sometimes savory). You can use it to make desserts or other savory dishes.

What if you take the pie out of a pie? Would it still be a pastry?

Yes. If you took the pie out of a pie, all that would be left is pastry dough. You have to have pastry dough to make a pie, so taking it out leaves just the pastry dough.

What is the difference between a pastry and a pie?

A pasty is a pastry, but not all pastries are pies.

A pie is always a type of pastry, but not all pastries are pies; for instance, cookies are technically types of pastry, even though most people wouldn’t consider them to be pies.

Also, there are many types of pie, but they all fall under the category of pastry.

Pie is a type of pastry that has a bottom and top crust with filling inside it. A pasty also falls under the category of pastry; however, it does not have a bottom or top crust.

What is the difference between pies and tarts?

Let’s take a look at the two types of pastry dishes to determine what is a pie and what is a tart.

A tart is similar to a pie in that it has pastry dough, but it does not have a filling inside of the dough.

Tarts are usually filled with custard or cream instead of fruit filling like pies are.

So is a pie a tart?

No, pies and tarts are two very different dishes that can be served as part of desserts or savory courses. A pie is made with fruit filling and bottom and top crusts, whereas a tart has no filling and just pastry dough on the bottom and sides.

Can a pie have no pastry?

No, a pie cannot have any pastry. A pie has a bottom and top crusts to seal in the fruit filling inside of it.

This means that even if you tried to make an open-face pie, there would be no point because all that would remain is the fruit inside and nothing to hold it together.

So you cannot make a pie with no pastry.

What are the 4 types of pie?

Here are the four types of pie:

  1. Cream pie- A type of pie in which the filling is cream or pudding.
  2. Fruit Pie- A type of pie in which the filling is made with fruit, such as berries or apples.
  3. Meat Pie- A type of pie that has meat in it, usually beef.
  4. Vegetable Pie- A type of pie with vegetables, such as carrots, peas, or potatoes.

Any dish that has a crust and filling can be considered a type of pie. So if you have meat, vegetables, or fruits inside the crust, then your dish falls into one of these four categories and is most definitely a pie.

What is your favorite type of pie?

Is pastry dough the same as a pie crust?

What is the difference between pastry dough and pie crust?

Pie crust is usually made with shortening or lard in addition to flour, salt, ice water, and sometimes sugar. This makes it flaky in texture which works well when making fruit pies because you want your crust to be able to hold together while still having a good crunch.

While on pastry, the dough is usually made with all-purpose flour, salt, water, and sometimes sugar. This dough does not have to be used immediately after it’s made because of the high butter content, which makes it more pliable than pie crust dough.

Crust for a fruit pie is flakier, while pastry dough is more soft and pliable.

Is pie crust considered bread?

Pie crust is not considered bread because it does not contain yeast as one of the ingredients. Bread dough also contains sugar, but pie crust does not.

This is what makes condiments such as jams and jellies perfect for fruit pies since they already condiment between the layers of pastry dough.

Or you can make a glaze to spread on top of the pie just before it is ready to be baked.

Is pie crust made with shortening?

Pie crust does not have to be made with shortening, but many people choose to use it because it helps to make the dough flaky and melt-in-your-mouth amazing when served hot out of the oven.

You can also use lard, but since it is not as popular of choice for pie crusts, some people might find the taste to be too strong.


In conclusion, pie is a pastry dish with pastry dough on the bottom and top of the dish. Its made with fruit, cream, or meat in an enclosed pastry dough.

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