Is A Burger A Sandwich?

Have you ever wondered whether a burger is a sandwich? This post aims to solve the puzzle right off the bat by letting you know the differences between a burger and sandwiches. 

So is a burger a sandwich? A burger is a type of sandwich consisting of two slices of bread, a filling in between, and toppings. It originated from Hamburg, Germany, and has since evolved to include different types of fillings and toppings. Burgers differ from other sandwiches in that they are usually too big to be eaten with one hand and may require a fork or knife to cut them.


To get the whole idea, think of the digits of the hand.  A thumb is a digit. However, not all digits are thumbs. We also have the index finger, ring finger, and pinkie, which are digits, yet they look completely different from the thumb.  

Understanding why many people think burgers deserve a category of their own is a valuable addition, and it captures that too. 

It’s essential to define both the burger and the sandwich to widen your scope of understanding further.  

What Is A Burger? 

A burger consists of two slices of bread (also called buns), with meat and/or cheese filling in the middle. It’s usually garnished with vegetables like lettuce, tomato, or onion on top to enhance its flavor. 

While traditional burgers are made of beef, you can now find other combinations at your local store. There are also salmon burgers, turkey burgers, and veggie burgers for vegetarians. 

What Is A Sandwich? 

Sandwich is any type of food with fillings in-between layers of bread or rolls. However, unlike traditional sandwiches that consist of only a single layer (two pieces of bread), you can find sandwiches with as many as five layers. Each layer is called a deck. 

There are three categories of sandwiches. These include: 

Hard rolls-includes hard buns and rolls 

Soft bun sandwiches-include burgers, fried chicken, and fish sandwiches

Sliced bread sandwiches-includes peanut butter/jelly, club sandwich, and cucumber tea sandwich

From these categories, it’s evident that sandwiches can be made of anything. Some other variants that lack categories include gyros, doners, and kebabs. 

So, Are Burgers Sandwiches? 

Yes, Burgers Are Sandwiches. 

From the Merriam web dictionary, “a sandwich is any food with two or more layers of bread or a split roll having a filling in between.” The burger recipe consists of two buns (a particular type of bread), meat/cheese, and other garnishing or topping. That typically makes a burger a sandwich. That’s why it falls under soft bun sandwiches.   

But Why Is Sandwich Not A Burger? 

A sandwich can be anything between layers of bread and/or a split roll. For example, two slices of bread with jelly or butter in-between is a sandwich. Ground pork or chicken wing between two buns is a sandwich. In fact, even bread between two pieces of bread is a sandwich. 

However, certain norms have completely changed how people perceive burgers and sandwiches. That’s why you’re noticing various people vouching for burgers to be considered in their own food category. 

  • Burger has become a household name. 

Burgers are not only famous, but it has also created a separate name. You can now find burgers anywhere across the world and even make one at home. 

Even more surprising, not all stores that sell sandwiches will have burgers. So special is the dish that it has created a unique line. You can now find different stores dealing with burgers only. 

  • Burgers 

You’re free to eat a sandwich by hand. Butter or ghee sandwiches are only two slices of bread thick, so you shouldn’t have a hard time eating them. 

Conversely, a burger with only one deck is big enough not to fit into your palm. As such, you may need silver wear to hold it in place. Also, burgers are a special treat. You may need a fork or knife to cut it to the bottom layer to keep the ingredients. 

  • Some people believe burgers look different. 

The traditional hamburger originated from Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city. On the flip side, the cheeseburger was an initial creation from Pasadena, California. That said, there are historical differences that may be subtle but which introduce the idea of why people believe not all burgers are the same. 

Burgers also differ based on the topping. For example, a veggie’s burger contains no meat. In comparison, other buggers come with fillings such as chicken, turkey, ground beef, black bean, elk, and salmon.

Wrap Up

With all said, is a burger a sandwich? Yes! a burger is a special kind of sandwich since it consists of two slices of bread or buns with toppings in between. Yet, not all sandwiches are burgers. 

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