Is a Pizza a Pie?

Is a pizza a pie? This is one question that has divided people for years. The answer to this question completely depends on your definition of a pizza and your definition of pie. Some believe it is acceptable for pizzas to be called pies, while others believe that it is completely wrong.

So, is a pizza a pie? Pizza is technically not a pie, because pies are typically defined as baked, sweet, and top-crust foods. Pies are also sometimes defined as consisting of two layers that enclose a fruit or savory filling, pizza does not meet all these qualifications.

The definition of a pizza and a pie is constantly changing, and there are many different opinions about what it means to be called one or the other.

Pizza – Not a Pie

Pizza is not a pie because it has a crust that is usually either thick or thin but more commonly thick.

Pies are traditionally defined as consisting of two layers- the top layer is called the pastry, which is usually made with flour, sugar, salt, and fat (butter), whereas the bottom layer consists of a liquid base ingredient such as fruit or custard.

But what if it is a deep-dish pizza? A deep-dish pizza has a high crust that varies in thickness and typically contains many ingredients. As long as the crust is thick, it can still be considered a pizza.

Pies have either a top or bottom pastry crust, whereas pizzas may not have a crust at all because they usually consist of bread or dough.


Can you call a pizza a pie?

You can call a pizza a pie if you believe that it meets your definition of what both pies and pizzas are. However, the majority of people will still argue that it is incorrect.

Traditional pies consist of two layers: the bottom layer (pastry) and the top layer (fruit or custard), which completely enclose a filling between the two layers.

Pizza does not consist of a bottom and a top layer, and it only consists of dough or bread with ingredients piled on top.

A pizza can be called a pie if you want to call it that- the word doesn’t have a set definition, so you’re free to call it whatever you want.

What is a pie without crust called?

A pie without a crust is called a tart or quiche.

Quiche is made with eggs and cheese as the main ingredients, and it typically does not have a crust like most pies. The tart is similar to pie without a crust, but tarts traditionally do contain pastry, whereas pies don’t necessarily have to consist of one.

To answer this question, we must first agree on the definition of what a pie is. Once we agree, then we can answer this question because pies come in many different varieties.

The one thing that they all have in common is that they are sweet and that they have a pastry crust baked around them.

What makes a pie a pie?

Both pies and pizzas are baked, but the only thing that makes them similar is that fact.

Pies are typically defined as consisting of two layers (the crust and the filling), whereas pizzas do not contain pastry-like dough or bread. Pies also usually have sweet fillings, while pizzas consist mostly of savory toppings.

Here’s what makes a pie a pie:

  1. The pastry crust- the bottom and top layers that enclose a filling in between two layers.
  2. Sweetness- the pastry crust is typically made with sugar and other common pie ingredients such as butter, flour, and salt. This makes pies sweet instead of savories like pizza or quiche.

Different variations of pies can be made, but they will all still have a pastry crust that completely covers the pie.

Can you use a pie crust for pizza?

You cannot use a pie crust for pizza because they consist of completely different ingredients, and they are in the shape of a circle, not a rectangle.

One way to make pizza is to take out the pastry part of the pie crust, leaving only the dough or bread. This makes it easier to roll out into smaller pieces that can be used to top the pizza.

What is a deep-dish pizza?

A deep-dish pizza is a baked, layered dish that consists of a bottom layer made up of dough or bread with ingredients on top. The rich and thick ingredients used for toppings will typically consist of cheese, meats, vegetables, and sauce.

Is pizza a pie or a tart?

Pizza is neither a pie nor tart because it does not contain pastry dough or sweet ingredients. Pizza has bread as its main ingredient and other savory toppings such as vegetables, cheese, meats, and sauce.

What if you call a pizza a pie?

A person can call a pizza whatever they want because the definition of pies and pizzas is subjective.

Both pies and pizzas are baked, but that’s where their similarities end. Pies typically consist of two pastry dough layers, while pizzas do not. Pies also tend to be sweet, while pizzas are savory.

There is not an exact definition for pies and pizzas, so the lines become blurred in this debate.


In conclusion, pizza is not a pie or a tart because it lacks the pastry ingredient that pies and tarts consist of. Basically, the only thing they have in common is that they’re baked. 

Pies are sweet and typically consist of two layers (the crust and the filling), whereas pizzas are savory and do not contain pastry dough.

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