Is Cake A Bread?


Is cake bread? This is one question that the baking world has been divided on for some time now. Some swear that cake is bread while some vehemently object to this idea and insist that cake and bread are two totally separate baked goods.

So is cake a bread? Cake is not a bread. The main difference in cake and bread is that bread is a dough that is leavened with yeast, while cake is made with batter. Cake is often sweeter than bread and has a finer texture. Another difference between cake and bread is that cake is usually baked in layers, while bread is often one single loaf.


Cake is generally sweet, while bread can be either sweet or savory depending on what ingredients are used to make it. In addition, the cake has a fine texture due to the creaming method used to make it, whereas bread uses a different method and exhibits a coarser texture as a result.

Cake – Not A Bread

Cakes are not bread. A cake is a sweet, baked dessert usually made with whipped egg whites or baking powder. When you make bread, you usually mix the ingredients together and knead the mixture before finally baking it in an oven.

Bread is considered part of the staple diet and other products like rice, corn, etc. Cakes are generally served as a dessert after meals.

What if a cake has yeast in it? Does that make the cake bread?

No, because you don’t mix the ingredients together and knead them before you bake a cake.

What if the bread doesn’t have yeast in it but has baking powder instead? Does that mean that bread is a cake?

No, because bread would still be baked to become a staple food, not to be eaten as a dessert.

Is Cake A Bread Or Pastry?

A cake is definitely not a pastry. A pastry can be anything from a cream horn to a Danish pastry and even doughnuts.

A pastry is usually made with yeast, but it can also be made with baking powder like cakes or rolling out dough like biscuits and cookie dough.

Although some cakes do use yeast in the batter, they are still not called pastries.

The cake is a sweet, baked dish that is made with the creaming method and usually eaten as a dessert after a meal. On the other hand, Bread is usually made with baking powder or yeast and consumed as a staple food.

Even though some cakes do contain yeast, they are still considered to be cakes, not bread. The same goes for pastries as well – although some pastries do contain bread ingredients like flour or baking soda, they are still considered to be pastries and not cakes.

So is cake bread? No, because there are significant differences between the way cakes and bread are made.

What Makes Cake A Cake?

What makes a cake a cake is a fact that it is sweet and made with the creaming method (the ingredients are beaten together before baking).

On the other hand, Bread contains yeast or baking powder, is not always sweet, and does not use the creaming method.

Here are some of the characteristics of a cake:

  • Cake is made by creaming together sugar and fat (butter, shortening)
  • Cake is usually sweet
  • Cake has a fine texture
  • Cake is generally served as a dessert after meals
  • Cake uses the creaming method to make it
  • Cake can be made with either baking powder or yeast as leavening agents

What Makes Bread A Bread?

What makes bread a bread is the use of either yeast or baking powder as leavening agents, which are added to create an aerated structure in the finished loaf.

Here are some of the characteristics of bread:

  • Bread is not always sweet
  • Bread can be made with either yeast or baking powder as leavening agents
  • Bread uses the mixing method to make it
  • The finished loaf has a coarser texture than that of cake.

So what are the similarities between cake and bread?

Both cakes and bread are made with flour, and both cakes and bread are prepared by adding the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.

Can We Make A Cake With Bread?

It is possible to make a cake with bread, but you would have to alter the recipe or even change it completely in order to achieve this.

People ask if they can make a cake with bread because most cakes contain yeast, and almost all bread use baking powder as their leavening agent.

If we were to use yeast instead of baking powder in a cake recipe, it would make the finished product much more like bread rather than cake.

What if the cake doesn’t contain yeast?

If the cake recipe does not contain or use yeast, it is almost impossible to make it more like bread.

Is Bread Healthier Than Cake?

Both bread and cake are made with the same ingredients but in different quantities.

The more sugar you have in a recipe, the sweeter it will be – so some cakes are actually healthier than bread. But on the other hand, there are some types of cake that use quite a lot of fat, making them unhealthy to eat.

Furthermore, not all bread is made with the healthiest ingredients either. Some bread is made with enriched white flour and some types of bread use shortening instead of butter which means that they are just as unhealthy as cakes that contain too much fat or sugar.


In conclusion, a cake is not bread because cakes usually do not need yeast as a leavening agent, and bread can use either yeast or baking powder as a leavening agent.

I think that the best way to think about cakes and bread is that they are two similar but different baked goods.

I think it sounds delicious!

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