Is A Tart A Pastry?

Is a tart a pastry? This is one question that would never go away because it has been a topic of debate for many years. Some believe it is because it is made of pastry dough, while some think it is because of the shape.

So is a tart a pastry? A tart is most certainly a pastry that comes in a variety of forms. It can be round, square, oval, or even rectangular in shape and filled with fruit, cream, or both.

A tart can also be savory filled with meat or vegetables. However, the filling differs from country to country because what is considered savory in one place might not be so elsewhere.

Tart – A Pastry

A tart is a pastry filled with fruit, cream, custard, or nuts.

Tarts are often referred to as cakes when filled with custard and baked in an oven.

What is pastry? A pastry is a flour-based mixture used to make sweet or savory dishes.

It is usually made with water, butter, lard, or oil and can be eaten alone or in combination with other foods.

A tart falls into the pastry category because it has pastry surrounding its ingredients. Also, a tart is cooked in an oven, which is a very pastry-like cooking method.

However, unlike other pastries, tarts are not completely enclosed by the dough or batter that forms their crust.

Despite this difference, if you have to choose between pastry and tart for your cooking project, go with tart! A tart is definitely a pastry!

What Are The 7 Types Of Pastry?

Here is a list of the seven major types of pastries:

  1. Puff pastry – a type of layered pastry made from dough and butter, which is folded to “puff” the pastry as it cooks.
  2. Flaky pastry – a type of pastry that uses layers and chunks of cold fat mixed with flour to create flaky pieces when baked.
  3. Shortcrust pastry – another type of layered pastry using pieces of fat mixed with flour as a filling for a pie crust, known as the croûte.
  4. Filo pastry – a type of pastry made from dough consisting mainly of flour, water, and oil. It is very thin and unleavened, but beware: filo is a tricky one! 
  5. Choux pastry – a type of pastry used to make cream puffs, eclairs, and profiteroles.
  6. Rough puff pastry – another type of layered pastry made by quickly alternating layers of dough and butter.
  7. Suet crust pastry – a type of pastry used for making steamed puddings.

With these different kinds of pastry available to you, you can be confident that your next cooking project will be delicious!

Can You Use Shortcrust Pastry For Tarts?

Some prefer to use shortcrust pastry when making tarts.

Shortcrust is a type of pastry that does not need to be pre-baked before it is filled and baked again with the tart’s filling.

While this may be ideal for some, if you want to keep your pastries separate from your cakes and pies, then go with a different type of pastry.

A tart is definitely more like a pastry than a shortcrust pastry because it does not need to be pre-baked before use.

However, if you are making shortcrust pie crusts and tarts, your dish will have both types of dough in its filling.

What Kind Of Pastry Is A Tart Made Of?

A tart is a type of pastry with a crust, pastry dough, or crumb base covered with sweet fillings such as jam or fruit.

It’s one of the most common kinds of pastry in many countries, including France and Italy.

Tarts are usually baked so their top surface can brown and caramelize, initiating the Maillard reaction, which creates lots of new flavors.

Tarts are sometimes made with a blind-bake crust that does not contain pastry dough to ensure the crust doesn’t get soggy.

This type of tart shell is usually baked empty before being filled because it’s hard to prevent sogginess if the crust already has filling in it.

What’s The Difference Between A Torta And A Tart?

A torta is a popular type of cake in Italy and Latin America that’s made with either savory or sweet fillings.

They’re similar to tarts, but they often use yeast as a leavening agent rather than baking powder (which you’d find in most tarts).

Tortas can be savory or sweet, but most people think of tortas as savory meals with meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Similar to pies, tortas are usually eaten as a main dish rather than as a dessert or sweet treat.

What’s The Difference Between A Pie Crust And A Tart Crust?

Pie crust is made with butter, shortening, or lard to provide moisture and elasticity, so it doesn’t crumble apart.

When making pies, you usually start by mixing flour with fat before slowly adding water or milk a little at a time.

The final mixture should be crumbly but able to stick together when you press it between your fingers.

Tart crust is usually made with butter, shortening, or lard, but it doesn’t need as much water or milk as pie crusts because tarts aren’t baked for as long.

The resulting mixture shouldn’t be crumbly like pie crust, though.

Is Tart Fattening?

Yes, many tarts are very rich and high in fat, especially those made with the shortcrust pastry, which uses large quantities of butter.

Some pastry specialists such as Pierre Hermé even recommend using double the amount of butter that a recipe requires!

I wouldn’t recommend eating a tart every day if you want to keep your figure or lose weight.

However, you can always opt for fruit tarts that are lower in fat because they’re made with fresh produce instead of shortcrust pastry!


In conclusion, A tart is a pastry. This can be confirmed by looking at the definition of a tart. A tart is a baked pastry with a filling that consists of sweet or savory ingredients such as fruits, custard, meat, seafood, vegetables, or nuts.

Have you ever tried one? They are super tasty!

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