Is a Long John a Donut?

Is a long john a donut? This is one question that has been bringing up a lot of debate among the internet community. Some believe that a long john is made from two parts of a donut twisted together, and others say no-a long john is something completely different!

So is a long john a donut? A long john is most certainly not a donut. A long john is made from yeast dough that is cut into long, skinny strips and then twisted together before it is fried in oil and then covered in sugar or honey.

Long johns are often confused with donuts because of their similar shapes. On the other hand, donuts are made from cake batter that has been fried in oil and then coated with icing.

Long John – Not a Donut

So is a long john a donut? No, it’s not. A long john is made from yeast dough that has been cut into long pieces and then twisted together before being fried in oil and covered in sugar or honey.

The difference between the two may be subtle, but it can’t be overlooked!

There are so many different types of donuts, like glazed donuts, cream-filled donuts, and even blueberry pancakes!

Donuts are round with a hole in the middle, while long johns are made from twisted strips of dough.

What if it’s a Long John Donut?

Some people might think that since one doughnut is called a long john and another donut is also called a long john, they must be the same thing!

Long johns do not have holes in them like traditional donuts. And while you will often find something similar to a hole in the middle of a long john, it’s actually there to make filling the donut easier.

How big is a long john donut?

Traditional long johns are not very big. They are usually about six inches long and four inches wide, but some bakeries make jumbo ones that are as long as twelve to fifteen inches!

Long johns are also much skinnier than donuts because when they are fried in oil, the yeast dough absorbs a lot of it.

Long johns can be made in many different types of styles, but one of the most popular is the glazed long john. The glaze on this type of long john is very sweet and dries hard after it has cooled.

What’s the difference between an eclair and a Long John?

Before we answer this, let’s take a look at what eclair is.

An eclair is made from choux pastry that has been filled with cream and topped with icing. It’s then left to dry for a day or two, which allows the top layer of icing to harden.

So what is the difference between an eclair and a long john?

Eclairs are much more delicate than long johns. They are much lighter and fluffier because they’re made from the airy pastry dough known as choux.

On the other hand, Long John is made of the same dough that is used to make bagels and pretzels, which is why it’s so popular in Eastern European countries like Poland.

Long johns are thicker than eclairs because they’re not filled with anything. They also come in more shapes and sizes than an eclair can ever hope for!

Does Dunkin Donuts Have Long Johns?

Dunkin Donuts is a company that most people can agree is pretty good at naming their donuts.

For example, they have jelly donuts, fritters, glazed donuts, and of course, long johns!

Their long johns come in two different styles: original and golden honey cruller.

  1. Original – This is the standard long john filled with vanilla-flavored pastry cream and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar.
  2. Golden Honey Cruller – This donut has the same type of filling as their original long john, but it’s covered in a honey glaze and then sprinkled with granulated sugar.

Both styles of Dunkin Donuts Long Johns are shaped like a regular donut, with the exception of the filling in the middle.

All in all, Dunkin Donuts is able to use its name recognition and expertise in baking to give you some pretty delicious long johns!

Is Long John fattening?

Long Johns are delicious, but they are also very fattening.

Each Long John contains about 350 calories. The amount of fat in a Long John is about 14 grams.

More than half (6 grams) of this fat comes from saturated fatty acids, while almost all (10 grams) of the rest of the fats come from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

The Long John also contains about 30 milligrams of cholesterol which is almost all (25 milligrams) of the recommended daily intake for one person.

There are 445 milligrams of sodium and 47 grams of carbohydrates in a Long John, but there is no dietary fiber.

So if you’re watching your weight, then it’s best not to eat Long Johns too often.

Can you freeze Long John donuts?

Long John donuts can be frozen if you prepare and keep them in a freezer bag.

However, once thawed, they will not taste as good as fresh Long Johns, and the texture of the dough will be different.

So it’s best to eat all your Long Johns right away.

How long can Long John last in the fridge?

It depends on how quickly you eat them, but Long Johns can usually stay in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

If they start to get moldy, though, then it’s best to throw them away.

You should also avoid eating stale donuts because the oil that is used for frying them might have spoiled, which can make you sick if you eat it.


In conclusion, a long john is not a donut. Its made of a different dough containing filling and is not cut in half for icing. The long john is definitely not a donut. A real donut has no filling inside of it.

It’s made out of the same type of dough as cookies or biscuits. And finally, the shape of a donut might be round on top with a hole in the middle, but a long john has a rectangular shape and is filled with custard or jelly.

I think it sounds delicious!

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