Is Boston Cream A Donut?

Is Boston cream a donut? This is one question that comes up often in the baking and pastry world. Some believe it is because of the name, while others believe it is because of its components.

So Is Boston cream a donut? Boston cream is most certainly not a donut. Boston cream is a cake that consists of three components: the cake, the custard, and the chocolate ganache icing.

Both of these components can stand on their own, and they do not include any type of yeast or leavening agent. There is no hole in either of them, and they are used interchangeably to make different types of pastries, such as a Boston cream pie or a Boston cream croissant.

Boston Cream – Not A Donut

Boston cream is not a donut for many different reasons.

The fact that it is a cake and not a yeast-leavened donut makes it completely different from any donut out there.

The texture of the components also makes a big difference. Boston cream has a satisfying mouthfeel with every bite, whereas most donuts are usually airy and lower in fat content.

Because of the cake and custard components, Boston cream is a much richer dessert than a donut. It also contains more calories than most other pastries.

Once again, the key factor of Boston cream not being a donut is the fact that it does not use yeast as an agent. This makes it more like a cake than a pastry, and therefore different from any sort of donut on this planet.

Is Boston Cream Pie A Cake Or A Pie?

Is Boston cream pie a cake or a pie? It is both, actually, but it has been considered a cake for most of its history.

Boston cream pie is a cake that has been filled with custard and icing, making it more like an individual serving of Boston cream.

Is Boston Cream Pie a Donut?

Boston cream pie is not a donut as well. The same components that make Boston cream different from a donut also make it different from this pie.

The cake and custard components again serve as the difference-maker, and because of this particular factor, we cannot call Boston cream pie a donut either.

Is Boston Cream The Same As Bavarian?

In some ways, Bavarian cream is similar to Boston cream. In fact, the Bavarian filling can be used as a component of Boston cream cake or pie just as well.

The main difference between the two pastries is that Bavarian usually has gelatin in it while Boston cream does not.

This makes for a different mouthfeel when you eat Bavarian cream, and it also makes it more solid of a filling than the custard in Boston cream.

What Came First, Boston Cream Pie Or Donut?

Boston cream pie came first, but the Boston cream dessert as a whole has been around for longer than donuts have.

It was mentioned in American cookbooks as early as 1828, but the actual cake that we know and love today made its debut in America in 1856 at Delmonico’s restaurant in New York.

The first recorded mention of a donut came in 1809 with the Hanson family selling the pastry to United States soldiers stationed in New Orleans.

From this point on, Boston creams and donuts were sold and enjoyed across the country and worldwide.

What Is In The Middle Of A Boston Cream?

The inside of a Boston cream has a custard filling. That is what makes it different from other pastries, and that is why it gets its own name.

The custard filling can be anything from vanilla to caramel or even chocolate if you feel like mixing things up a bit. In some parts of the world, there are even savory versions of Boston cream.

So if you’re looking for a custard-filled pastry to eat, Boston cream is definitely the way to go.

Can I Eat Boston Cream While pregnant?

The filling of a Boston cream pie or a Boston cream donut is generally considered to be okay for pregnant women.

As long as the ingredients are fresh and healthy, there should be no problem. Make sure that all the ingredients are fresh and that the eggs are not raw if you’re making it yourself.

The acidic nature of unpasteurized dairy can negatively affect your baby, so be on the lookout for this, specifically if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Can I Freeze The Boston Cream Cake?

Freezing a Boston cream pie or cake can actually work.

If you plan to do this, make sure that the filling is thick enough to avoid breaking, and wrap it carefully in plastic wrap.

You should also put the cake back into its original container for extra protection against freezer burn. If frozen long enough, this could actually be a very practical solution for having Boston cream pie on hand.

Is Boston Cream Healthy?

As long as you’re not eating an entire cake for dinner, Boston cream pie is okay to eat.

The ingredients in the filling should be healthy for you. As long as they’re natural and well-made, there’s little reason to doubt this.

The worst thing about Boston cream is that it can easily become unhealthy if you eat too much of it in one sitting. That way lies a stomachache, and we all know how fun those can be.

So if you’re going to eat Boston cream pie or cake, either pace yourself or practice moderation, it’s not worth getting sick over.


In conclusion, Boston cream is most definitely not your average donut. Boston creams are made with a custard-like filling and come in different variations, including the Boston cream pie. 

This famous pastry also has its own name because of how different it is from other donuts. As we’ve seen, there are lots of good reasons to enjoy your Boston cream pies or cake at least once in a while!

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