Is Pizza Dough A Bread?

Is pizza dough a bread? This is one question that has been much discussed among pizza lovers. Some people believe that pizza dough is a bread, while others think it is not.

So is pizza dough a bread? Pizza dough is most certainly a bread. This is because it is made of dough and contains yeast, just as other forms of bread do. Pizza dough has many ingredients that are also found in other types of bread, such as flour and water.

Pizza dough is also leavened before it is baked, which provides the characteristic fluffy texture. This makes pizza dough a bread.

Yes, Pizza Dough Is A Bread

When you get right down to it, pizza dough is a type of bread. The main ingredient in both types of baked goods is flour which comes from ground cereal grain seeds.

Pizza dough is a type of bread known as a quick bread because it doesn’t use yeast to rise and it only bakes for about 8 minutes.

Pizza dough is made from flour, water, yeast and salt. The amount of yeast in the recipe affects the flavor, with more yeast giving the dough an earthy taste.

A little bit of sugar speeds up the yeast’s action. The dough is kneaded for about eight minutes to develop its gluten, which gives it its structure.

Can I Use All Purpose Flour For Pizza Dough?

The short answer is: no. Although it may work in some situations, using all-purpose flour will not give you the desired results. 

All purpose flours are ground from a variety of grains and usually contain high amounts of gluten (the protein that gives dough its elasticity).

This is great for pasta and bread but you need something different for pizza dough — something that contains less gluten and will not make your pizza dough too chewy or tough.

What Is The Healthiest Flour For Pizza Dough?

For the healthiest crust, you can make your own whole wheat or gluten-free pizza dough at home.

If you do buy store bought, check ingredients for high-fructose corn syrup and refined white flour. A simple whole wheat crust made with yeast requires all-purpose flour, water, yeast and salt.

You can create a healthier crust by whisking white whole wheat flour, all purpose flour or bread flour for your yeast dough.

Your homemade pizza dough will have a lower glycemic index than a store bought crust made of bleached white flower.

Why Is Pizza Dough Bad For You?

There are a couple of reasons why pizza dough is bad for you, but it’s mostly because of the high carbohydrate content.

Carbohydrates are turned into sugar by the body, which creates an excess of glucose in the blood stream.

This can be dangerous, as it can cause heart disease and illnesses with symptoms like fatigue and malnutrition.

Over time, excess glucose can damage the pancreas and kidneys and lead to blindness and loss of limbs.

Is Pizza Dough Healthy?

The dough of the pizza is made up of various ingredients. There are some healthy ingredients in it while there are some not so healthy ones too.

Here are some healthy ingredients of the pizza dough:

  • Whole grain flour
  • Olive oil
  • Pro-biotic cultures
  • Sea salt

These are some of the bad ingredients of the dough:

  • Refined flour
  • Sodium

The good thing about the dough of the pizza is that it can contain some healthy ingredients such as olive oil and whole grain flour.

Can Pizza Make You Gain Weight?

Unfortunately, eating pizza can lead to weight gain if that is not planned and managed. There are too many calories in a slice of pizza for it not to be fattening.

Also, pizza crust is usually made from bread dough. So, this means that a slice of pizza with the toppings provides most of the nutrients for your daily requirement.

Bread is fattening because it raises blood sugar and insulin levels. It makes you crave carbohydrates more—which leads to weight gain and diabetes .

So, if you want to prevent obesity and diabetes, you should skip the bread—and go for a higher protein pizza.

Is Pizza Dough Gluten-Free?

Pizza dough is definitely gluten-free. Whether you are using a pre-made mix or making your own, the dough itself does not contain any gluten.

You will have to watch out for toppings that may be breaded – such as pepperoni, when choosing meats for your pizza. Be sure to check out all of our gluten-free pizza recipes.

Also, most bread dough recipes can be made into a gluten-free version by using a mix like the Gluten Free Pantry’s Pizza Crust Mix.

Is Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Low Carb?

Unfortunately, whole wheat pizza dough is even higher in carbohydrates than traditional pizza dough.

It also requires more yeast and time for the dough to rise, which makes it difficult to assemble into a quick meal.

Although traditional and whole wheat pizza doughs are not considered low carb, many low carb dieters still choose to make pizza at home.

Can Pizza Dough Be Frozen?

Pizza dough can be frozen as long as it has not been raised and baked. Once the dough is baked, it no longer holds up to freezing and thawing processes.

After defrosting, the texture of the dough will just not be correct for use in making a pizza .

There are many ways that one can freeze flatbread or pizza dough, but it is possible for the yeast to die or for some parts of the pizza dough to swell more than others while in the freezer.


In conclusion, Pizza dough is a bread because it is made from flour, yeast and water. In addition, the dough rises as it sits out, which is why some eat certain types of pizza dough covered in cheese as a replacement for flatbread or naan.

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