Is Burrito A Sandwich?

Is burrito a sandwich? This is one question that has been fought over for a long time. The main reason is that it is a very debatable topic with a lot of pros and cons on both sides.

So is burrito a sandwich? Burrito is most certainly not a sandwich. While it is made of many of the same ingredients found in a sandwich, they have not been put together the same way at all.

First of all, one of the main ingredients found in a sandwich is bread. This does not apply to burritos because burritos are made with tortillas which are flatbreads that are rolled up. Also, the bread in sandwiches is usually cut into two pieces, while the tortilla in burritos is rolled up with all of the ingredients together.

Burrito – Not A Sandwich

Burrito is not a sandwich for another reason besides the type of bread used to make it. Sandwiches are made by taking a piece of bread and filling it with things such as condiments, vegetables, or meat.

Burritos have these same ingredients, but they have been put together in a different way.

The main difference between sandwiches and burritos is that you don’t make a sandwich by piling your ingredients on top of each other and rolling them up. Instead, you put the filling inside of the bread and take a bite out of it like this:

Burritos are usually made in more or less this way as well, but there is one difference that makes burritos not sandwiches – they are wrapped up.

Rather than just taking a bite out of your burrito, you have to take the top off and then eat it. This makes it clear that burritos are not sandwiches.

What Classifies As A Burrito?

It is easy to tell whether or not something is a sandwich. If it has two pieces of bread with ingredients in between, then it is most likely a sandwich.

There are many things that fall into the category of burrito besides just rolled up flatbread filled with ingredients. A lot of Mexican-style restaurants serve dishes that are very similar to the burrito dish but are not exactly the same.

Some of these dishes include:

  1. Tacos – Tacos are made of soft corn tortillas which are folded upon themselves instead of being rolled up.
  2. Tostada – Tostada is like a flatbread that is usually eaten with beans or meat on top of it rather than all of the ingredients altogether.
  3. Enchiladas – Enchiladas are another type of Mexican dish, but they are not made with a flatbread or tortilla. This dish is usually eaten by rolling your corn tortillas up and dipping them in the sauce.

These are all considered similar to a burrito because they don’t have bread on the outside of them as sandwiches do.

Is A Burrito Considered A Meal?

Although it can fill you up, a burrito is not technically considered a meal.

A burrito is typically eaten as a side dish to accompany other dishes on the menu. However, it can also be ordered by itself if you are looking for something lighter or more convenient for your meal.

A meal, on the other hand, is made up of more than just one dish. Usually, it has at least three different courses in order to complete a meal. This includes appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

While a burrito can be a good addition to a meal, it cannot stand alone as a single item or course for any type of meal.

Is Burrito Mexican Or American?

Although burritos are most common in Mexico, it has slowly made their way to the United States. While burritos haven’t become mainstream in America just yet, they are becoming more popular year by year.

Burritos were first introduced to the world at a Mexican restaurant called Chipotle when they opened up their very first location in 1993. Since then, this dish has taken the whole world by storm.

Burritos are Mexican because they originate from Mexico but some American variations of this dish have been popping up over the years as well, which includes things like white cheddar cheese or more strange ingredients that aren’t typically found in a traditional burrito recipe.

Where Does The Word Burrito Originate From?

The word burrito originated in the Spanish language. The original definition of this word is ‘little donkey’ and was meant to describe a small package that a donkey would carry.

Over time, other definitions began evolving until we came to the modern meaning related to this delicious dish that we know and love today.

Also, burritos are not pronounced as burritos. In Spanish, you would say this phrase as ‘bur-eet-oh.’

What Is The Difference Between A Taco And A Burrito?

There are many differences between a burrito and a taco. However, the main distinction between these two Mexican dishes is the way that they are eaten.

A burrito usually has everything inside it, while a taco can have some ingredients on top. When eating a burrito, the tortilla will be unrolled, and all of its ingredients will be displayed.

A taco is typically eaten with a fork and knife because there will be ingredients on top of the flatbread that you will need to cut up using a utensil before eating it.

You can also eat a taco by holding it in your hand instead of on a plate or bowl as a regular meal would.

Some other differences include a thicker tortilla shell with a wider shape for a burrito and a smaller, thinner one for a taco.


In conclusion, a burrito is not a sandwich because it doesn’t have bread on the outside of it. Burritos are filled with a savory filling that can consist of things like meat or beans.

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