Is Burrito A Taco?

Many people have been asking is burrito a taco? The answer is yes. Technically, Burrito is a type of taco because the only requirements for tacos are that they are made with corn or wheat tortillas and contain meat (usually beef). 

Tacos and burritos are basically the same thing, only with different fillings. A burrito is a large flour tortilla that’s been stuffed, rolled into a cylinder shape, and wrapped. Tacos may be made with flour or corn tortillas, which are folded in half. Corn is far more popular in Mexico than flour, so tacos are frequently prepared with corn tortillas.

Burritos & Tacos

The fillings in a taco and a burrito may vary, but common ingredients include beef, chicken, pork, chorizo, ground beef and beans. The differences in the fillings is typically where people begin to argue about whether or not they’re either tacos or burritos. While it’s understandable that tacos are smaller than burritos, there’s no rule that states tacos can’t be larger than a burrito. It all depends on the region and personal preference.

Let’s get into it:


A taco is typically a soft corn tortilla folded in half and filled with meat, cheese, and/or vegetables.  It’s served topped with cilantro, onions, salsa, and lime wedges. When the filling is beef or chicken, it’s called a taco de carne (beef taco) or a taco de pollo (chicken taco). A taco can also be made with seafood, pork, goat or other ingredients.


 A burrito is a large flour tortilla that’s been stuffed, rolled into a cylinder shape, and wrapped. A burrito can be filled with beef or chicken and beans, which are called a “bean burrito.” It could also be filled with chopped veggies like peppers and broccoli.

In Mexico, there is no word for burritos, so other names are used to refer to this dish. “Enchiladas suizas”, or Swiss enchiladas is one of the most popular terms in Mexico while Americans commonly call them by their anglicized name “burrito”.

In America, burritos are commonly sold at restaurants, taco shops and food trucks. This is because burrito is often prepared in larger quantities than tacos since they can be eaten without utensils with the hands; this makes them an ideal choice for group meals or large family dinners.

While both dishes originated from Mexico, their popularity has spread throughout Latin America and the world. They can be found in most major cities and is a popular choice for people of all backgrounds to have during lunch or dinner times.

Here are some example recipes of taco and burritos:

Taco Recipe


– Corn tortillas (soft taco shells) – 12 to 15 depending on size. If you can’t find hard taco shells, substitute flour tortilla or add more corn tortillas in their place. Just make sure the total is about 15 soft tacos. Tacos are usually made with small, thin and often fried tortillas.

– Ground beef is most common but ground turkey is an excellent substitute for a healthier option. If you prefer chicken, use it in place of the meat or add both to make your tacos even tastier!  – Onions are often added because they have great flavor. They are usually cooked with the meat but you can add them raw for a crunchier taste.

– Seasonings like cumin, chili powder and garlic are also essential to any taco recipe. If you’re using corn tortillas, be sure to sprinkle salt on their insides before filling them up!  – Your choice of toppings is completely up to you! Sour cream is a common choice as is shredded cheese, lettuce or fresh salsa.

– Tortillas are the most important part of taco preparation and should be made according to your recipe. If desired, they can also be warmed briefly in a pan before serving for an extra layer of flavor. 

Burrito Recipe 

– Plain white rice is the most common type used in burritos. For extra flavor, you can cook it with cilantro and lime juice but this is optional. 

– Refried beans are commonly added to any Burrito recipe since they have a similar texture to melted cheese when placed inside of a tortilla. They also add more protein to the meal.

– Diced tomato is another common topping for any Burrito recipe. If you are adding diced tomato, make sure that it’s drained before placing it into your burrito because extra liquid can affect the overall flavor of the burrito.

– Avocado, sour cream, and guacamole are also popular toppings for any Burrito recipe. 

– Cheese is normally placed on top of the filling, but it can also be placed inside the tortilla for added flavor and texture.

– Your favorite meat (chicken, beef or pork) is typically added to any Burrito recipe. Meat adds both protein and fat which makes it one of the most important ingredients in any burrito recipe.

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