What to Bring to a Halloween Potluck?

Halloween is a fun time of year for all ages, and one way to celebrate is to host a potluck.

Whether you’re planning a spooky gathering for your family, friends or coworkers, it’s important to know what to bring to make sure the party goes off without a hitch.

From main dishes to desserts and drinks, here are some ideas of what to bring to a Halloween potluck.

Main Dishes

When it comes to main dishes, there are plenty of options that will fit the Halloween theme.

For example, you can make a pumpkin-spiced lasagna or macaroni and cheese, both of which will be sure crowd pleasers. If you’re looking for something more savory, try making a Halloween-inspired chili or stew with ingredients like pumpkin puree, black beans and ground beef.

You could also make an easy slow cooker dish such as pulled pork or beef brisket.

Side Dishes

Side dishes are an important part of any potluck meal and can help round out the menu. For Halloween-themed sides, consider making deviled eggs with food coloring for a spooky twist or roasted vegetables like carrots and squash with garlic butter for added flavor.

Other great side dishes include mashed potatoes with pumpkin puree or cheesy cauliflower casserole topped with bacon bits.


No potluck would be complete without drinks!

For the adults at the party, consider making some spooky cocktails such as Vampire Blood Margaritas or Witch’s Brew Sangria.

If you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, try making some festive punch bowls with apple cider and orange juice or hot cocoa topped with marshmallows and candy corn.


When it comes to desserts, there are plenty of options that will fit the Halloween theme! Try baking up some spiderweb cupcakes topped with orange frosting or candy corn cookies decorated with white chocolate chips and sprinkles. Other great ideas include caramel apples dipped in chocolate chips or graveyard cake pops made from brownies and Oreo crumbs.

Other Snacks & Appetizers

For snacks and appetizers that won’t take up too much time in preparation but still have plenty of flavor, consider making cheesy dip served with tortilla chips shaped like ghosts or mummies wrapped in bacon strips for added crunchiness. You could also make mini pizzas shaped like jack o’lanterns using store bought pizza dough and pre-made sauce for an easy yet delicious snack option!

Decorations & Activities

To really get into the Halloween spirit, decorations are key! Consider setting up fake cobwebs around your space as well as hanging up some spooky lights for atmosphere. You could also set up games such as bobbing for apples or pinning the nose on the skeleton – both of which will be sure crowd pleasers!


Hosting a Halloween potluck is always a fun way to celebrate this spooky holiday! With these tips on what to bring to your gathering, you can ensure everyone has plenty of delicious food options as well as decorations that will set the mood perfectly!

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