Is Wrap A Sandwich?

Is wrap a sandwich? This is one question that is on everyone’s mind. Some people believe it is because of its non-bread qualities, while others believe it is a sandwich because of the sheer definition.

So is wrap a sandwich? A wrap is most certainly not a sandwich. A wrap is a food dish consisting of a tortilla, pita, flatbread, or leaf wrap wrapped around various fillings.

Wraps are often used instead of bread and are sometimes stored frozen. While wraps may contain various types of fillings, they specifically use a tortilla wrap as the main item.

No, Wrap Is Not A Sandwich

Wrap, it is not a sandwich.

It does not have two pieces of bread surrounding the meat and vegetables as a traditional sandwich does. The wrap lacks that element that makes it no more than just a tortilla.

It is a flatbread, made of wheat or corn or other alternative flours, and cooked in a special way so that it has a porous texture when baked.

Wraps are a very healthy dish because they leave out the fat and grease that comes with fried bread such as naan or tortillas. Wraps also provide a good base for any kind of filling.

Wraps usually contain vegetables, meats, or cheeses that are then combined with other ingredients to form an interesting flavor.

Is Wrap Considered Bread?

Wraps are also not considered bread.

Bread is a staple of many cultures and societies because it can be made from a variety of ingredients and baked in an oven to form a yummy loaf that is good for any meal of the day.

People eat it with spreads or butter during breakfast, they have sandwiches at lunch, and they enjoy it during dinner.

Bread is one of the most common and versatile foods across the world, so it has earned its spot in societies and cultures everywhere.

Wraps certainly do not fit this mold. They are a form of flatbread that can be shaped and filled with various ingredients and flavors, but they cannot replace the yummy goodness of a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread.

Is Wrap A Burrito?

It is also important to address whether or not wraps are burritos.

There are many similarities between the two since they both use flatbread as their main ingredient, but there are some very notable differences that set them apart.

A burrito was made with a flour tortilla and filled with beans, rice, meat, and other ingredients. The idea of a wrap started in America because wraps contained all the food groups.

Today, burritos are still created using a flour or corn tortilla that can be filled with a variety of ingredients.

Wraps have become far more versatile in their creation and can be stuffed with many more items than burritos can.

Which Is Healthier, A Wrap Or Sandwich?

Many people debate whether a sandwich or wrap is healthier.

A sandwich can be made with meats, cheeses, vegetables, and other ingredients that are all placed in between two slices of bread. The bread absorbs the oils from the meat or cheese, so many types of spreads are used to counteract this issue.

Wraps have been found to actually contain fewer calories than sandwiches do because of the way that they are crafted and filled. Wraps can be flatbread, which is a healthier alternative to using bread.

Wraps fillings are usually vegetables and salads that place lean protein sources such as chicken or turkey, and spreads can also be used if they fit in with the flavor profile of the wrap.

What’s In A Wrap Sandwich?

If you were wondering what is in a wrap sandwich, there are many options.

A chicken salad wrap, for example, would have shredded or chopped chicken combined with mayonnaise and spices such as celery seed or cayenne pepper to add a subtle flavor.

The chicken salad can then be placed inside a tortilla along with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers to create a mouthwatering dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast or dinner.

Wraps are one of the newer options in sandwiches because they started gaining popularity during the 90s when people were looking for healthier alternatives to bread products.

How To Make A Wrap Sandwich?

Anyone can create wraps, and there are many different ways to do it.

Here is a simple way to craft a chicken salad wrap:

  • Shredded, cooked chicken breast
  • Celery, chopped finely
  • Onion, chopped finely
  • Plain Greek yogurt

Step #1: In a large bowl, combine the shredded or chopped chicken with the celery and onion so that they are evenly distributed throughout.

Step #2: With a tablespoon at a time, add the Greek yogurt until you feel that the chicken salad has enough moisture. Mix thoroughly to evenly distribute all of the ingredients.

Step #3: Place some shredded lettuce on top of a tortilla and spread it out so it covers most of the area. Then, place about ¼ cup of your chicken salad on top of the lettuce.

Step #4: To close the wrap, fold two ends of the tortilla inward and then roll it up tightly so that the chicken salad is in the middle of your wrap. Cut in half to create your finished product!

Now you have a fully wrapped sandwich that is delicious and healthy, which makes it the perfect meal for any time of day!

Are Wrap Sandwiches Healthy?

As a wrap sandwich, the health benefits depend on what you put into it.

A breakfast wrap can be made with eggs, cheese, and chicken to create a high protein meal that will keep you from being hungry throughout the morning.

A wrap for lunch or dinner would contain vegetables and lean meat such as turkey or grilled chicken breast.

You can also make wraps for specific functions such as tailgating if you want to create a sandwich out of hot dogs, hamburgers, and condiments.

The items that you add to the inside of your tortilla will determine how filling and nutritious it is, so take this into account when creating your wrap sandwiches!


In conclusion, Wrap is not a sandwich. A sandwich is two pieces of bread with any number of fillings in between. It has three key elements: the top, the bottom, and the insides (two or more).

Wrap does not have these key elements – it has one piece of flatbread/pita/naan/etc., filled with any number of fillings, and served open-faced. In conclusion, Wrap is not a sandwich.

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