Is Apple a Dessert?

Is an apple a dessert? This is one question that is becoming more and more commonly asked. The answer is not so simple, though. Some people might say, “no, an apple is a fruit,” Others may say, “yes, it can be used as a dessert, for example, by making apple cake or apple pie.

So is an apple a dessert? An apple is most certainly not a dessert. It is a fruit. However, it can be used to make desserts such as apple cake or pie. In conclusion, an apple is a fruit and not a dessert. 

They can be sliced thin and fried to make apple crisps, which are a popular snack. Some used to fry them in butter and sugar, then add a scoop of ice cream on top.

Apple – Not a Dessert

Apple is not a dessert but is sometimes served as one. However, it can be associated with desserts and is usually eaten after a meal:

  1. Apple pie – crust with apples inside, typically sweetened with sugar and cinnamon. It can be baked or fried. Desert, not the main dish.
  2. Apple strudel – filo dough wrapped around the chopped apple. Desert, not the main dish.
  3. Apple crumble – diced apples cooked with other ingredients (flour, sugar) and served warm or cold as a dessert, not the main dish.
  4. Apple cobbler – similar to apple strudel but cooking it unfold on top of the crust (no pastry). Desert, not the main dish.
  5. Apple tart – pastry base with apple inside and covered with a sweet sauce of sugar and butter. Desert, not the main dish.
  6. Apple crisp – baking apples (granny smith) cooked in oats, flour, rolled oats. Desert, not the main dish.

These are some of the ways you can serve apples at the end of a meal. Apple is not a dessert, but it can be served as one.

Are all apples edible?

Yes, all apples are edible. However, not every apple is delicious to eat. Apples need to be suitable for human consumption whether they taste good or not.

Here is a list of different types of apples:

  1. Granny smith – tart, sweet, crisp. Good for making tarts and pies.
  2. Cortland – sweeter than granny smith with an aromatic flavor
  3. Fuji apple – best eaten raw as it is crispy and sweet
  4. Golden Delicious – the skin of the golden delicious has a slightly tart taste, and the flesh is mellow and firm
  5. Red Delicious – great to be eaten raw as it has a crunchy and sweet flavor
  6. Gala apple – slightly tart with a juicy texture
  7. McIntosh apple – tangy, crisp, juicy, sweet. Has a ton of vitamins and antioxidants. Best eaten raw.
  8. Mutsu apple – sweet, crisp, juicy. Good for cooking and baking
  9. Honey Crisp apple – crunchy with a mellow sweet taste
  10. Northern Spy apple – good to eat raw or cook with as it is crispy and sweeter than granny smith

These are some of the most common types of apples. 

Can apples help you lose weight?

Yes, apples are very beneficial for weight loss. Apples are high in fiber, so they help to keep your stomach full for longer, which means you eat less (and waste less).

A medium apple has around 90 calories and is rich in antioxidants which play a vital role in weight loss.

Apples also prevent cardiovascular diseases, which makes them good for weight loss because, chances are, if you have cardiovascular disease, then you are overweight.

How many calories does an apple have?

There are around 90 calories in a medium-sized apple which is 35% of your required daily calories. However, the calorie count varies depending on the type of apple and size, so it is best to do the research before consuming the apple.

Do apples burn belly fat?

Yes, apples can burn belly fat. But, just like any fruit rich in fiber, apples promote the growth of good bacteria, which help to remove toxins within our stomach and digestive system.

This means that if you eat apples on a regular basis, you are less likely to be bloated or have excess water retention. 

This can decrease your chance of getting heart disease and burn some of that excess fat around your belly.

Is apple crisp a healthy dessert?

Although apple crisp is served as a dessert, it can be quite healthy if you make the right adjustments. 

To start with, replace any margarine or sugar that you put into the baked apples with either spices or fresh fruit such as raisins.

If you use sugar to sweeten the dish, switch the sugar to cinnamon and water or fruit juice.

Apple crisp is still a desert, so you should keep it as a once in a while treat instead of every day.

Is it OK to eat an apple at night?

Yes, you can eat an apple at night. However, it is best to avoid eating anything with fruit as the last meal of your day because fruit digests slowly and may keep you up at night.

When is the best time to eat an apple?

The best time to eat apples is between breakfast and lunch. Apples are best when eaten early in the day because they contain a lot of fructose which means it is digested quickly and may cause you to feel tired.

Also, if you eat an apple before sleeping, then it may not be fully digested by the time you wake up, making you feel sluggish.


In conclusion, Apples are most commonly used in desserts, but not all desserts have apples. So, no, an apple is not always a dessert. However, apples are often included in pies or tarts, with the crust being the bottom layer of dough and then the apple filling being the top layer of dough.

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