Is A Veggie Burger A Burger?

A veggie burger is a burger made with vegetables or without meat. It can refer to a patty of grilled vegetables such as eggplant, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, or portobello mushrooms held together by a crust that keeps its shape during cooking.

So, is a veggie burger a burger? A veggie burger is a burger. This is because all burgers are sandwiches, and a veggie burger is a sandwich containing no meat.

Is A Veggie Burger A Burger?

The Oxford English dictionary defines a burger as “a flat cake of minced beef, chicken etc.”. This definition indicates that burgers can be meaty or non-meaty, which means they contain no meat as a veggie burger does.

It is important to remember the word’s origin for it to make sense – it is German in origin and means “little bread.” A veggie burger is a non-meaty, flat cake sandwich; therefore, a veggie burger is a burger.

What Makes A Veggie Burger A Burger?

1. It’s cooked (and brown) on the outside:

 A veggie burger is cooked on the outside, and therefore “burger” is an accurate description.

2. It’s round: 

It has a round shape, and it looks like a burger, so this too seems to indicate that veggie burgers should be included in the category of burgers.

3. A bun can contain vegetables:

The bun on a veggie burger can be made out of vegetables or grains. It’s not necessarily wheat-derived. So, if the patty is vegetarian and the buns are vegetarian, why should this not be considered a burger? Also, some people put cheese on top of their veggie burgers. Cheese is also vegetarian.

4. Even some meat-eaters consider it a burger:

Some meat-eaters consider veggie burgers to be of the same kind of food as regular burgers and serve them in many fast-food restaurants.

5. It has a crispy outside of some sort:

The final reason that veggie burgers are burgers is that they have some crispy outer coating. This could be the grilled vegetables, but even if it’s on the patty, it’s still being fried in oil, so this counts as “crispy.”

Why Don’t Some People Consider It A Burger?

1. It’s not made with beef:

A veggie burger is not a burger for some people because the patty is not made of meat. They feel that it’s incomplete without beef or pork or chicken or turkey. Also, some people believe that it should be breaded and deep-fried to count as a burger. Also, some people say that it’s not a burger if cheese isn’t melted on top.

2. It’s too healthy:

For other meat-eaters, veggie burgers are too healthy to be considered burgers. They believe they don’t have enough fat content and can never be as delicious as regular hamburgers.

3. It doesn’t have enough protein:

For some people, it’s not a burger because the patty is full of vegetables and does not contain enough protein for their liking.

4. It’s vegan:

Some meat-eaters will say that if the bun is vegan (and made out of grains or vegetables), it can’t be a burger since burgers are not supposed to be vegan.

5. It’s the wrong shape:

Some meat-eaters will say that veggie burgers are too big and thick to resemble regular hamburgers. Some people consider them very wide, not flat enough, or ill-proportioned.

6. It’s the wrong color:

For some people, veggie burgers are too colorful to be beef burgers. They say it is simply an unappetizing color for a burger/meat patty. Also, some people don’t like vegetables and think that putting them into patty form is distasteful.

7. It’s the wrong texture:

For some people, veggie burgers are too moist or crumbly to be considered burgers. They say that it has the texture of “mush” instead of having a firm patty like regular hamburgers do. Meat-eaters often complain that they don’t feel the same consistency in the mouth when eating a veggie burger.

Types Of Veggie Burgers:

1. Grilled vegetables

This type of veggie burger is held together by crusts. The patty can be made from grilled veggies such as eggplant, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, or portobello. This is the most common form of veggie burgers in restaurants and fast-food settings.

2. Beans

This type of veggie burger is the most common at home. The patty is usually made out of black beans, pinto beans, or garbanzo beans. It’s held together by a binder such as breadcrumbs, cornmeal, or flaxseed meal. In restaurants or chains, this kind of veggie burger is most likely to appear on the menu as a “black bean burger” or something similar.

3. Tofu

The patty of this veggie burger usually consists of tofu and various seasonings. The most common form is marinated tofu patties made with miso paste, soy sauce, sesame oil, water, ginger, and garlic.

4. Tempeh

This type of veggie burger is made out of fermented soybeans, pressed into patty form. It’s not processed or flavored in any way, which means it has a more robust flavor than other forms of veggie burgers. The few restaurants that serve tempeh are usually exclusively vegan.

5. Portobello mushrooms

This type of veggie burger is called a portobello mushroom burger or simply a portobello burger if the patty isn’t made into a sandwich. It’s usually served with standard hamburger toppings like lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion.

6. Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP)

This type of veggie burger is made out of soy flour or wheat flour. It’s often used as a meat replacement for vegetarian dishes, but it also has its distinct taste and texture. TVP burgers are usually marinated before they’re grilled.

7. Eggplant

This type of veggie burger is held together by eggplant instead of having a binder like regular veggie burgers. The patty itself is usually made out of onions, garlic, and red bell peppers. It’s then marinated in soy sauce or sesame oil before it’s grilled.

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