Is A Gyro A Sandwich?

Is a gyro is a sandwich? This is one question that people have been asking for years. The answer is not so simple, but there are many opinions on the subject! Some believe it is because of the way it is served with pita bread and some may disagree with this definition because they don’t think that enough stuff is in between the layers.

So is a gyro a sandwich? A gyro is most certainly not a sandwich. It’s kind of like the predecessor to what we now call a wrap or burrito.

Gyros are made with pita, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce (a yogurt-based sauce), and usually either lamb chunks or beef chunks wrapped up together in a big fluffy pita bread.

They’re delicious and greasy as all hell—the best food to eat when you’re drunk out of your mind!

Once again though, it does not count as a sandwich.

Gyro – Not A Sandwich

Gyros are not sandwiches. What is a sandwich?

Well, there’s the traditional definition: two pieces of bread with something in between.

But what if you just take one piece of bread and wrap it around meat or vegetables?

Is that still a sandwich?

What about if you use pita instead of white bread, does that make it different than before?

Yes it does.

Gyros are their own glorious treat and should be eaten as such without any interference from other food groups or culinary abominations masquerading a sandwiches.

What’s Inside A Gyro?

The insides of a gyro are similar to what you’d find inside any sandwich – but instead of bread, they use warm fluffy pita pieces.

Depending on the restaurant, the meat options will vary.

The most common meat used in gyros is lamb, but occasionally restaurants may also offer chicken or beef variations.

There are two sauces typically served with the sandwich called tzatziki and spicy hummus (this one often includes toasted pine nuts).

These sauces call for raw onion optional.

So everything’s usually wrapped up nicely in that warm moist pita bread; juicy filling; crunchy lettuce; sweet-and-sour tzatziki sauce; fiery hot olive-oil based sauce — now that doesn’t sound like a sandwich to me!

How To Eat Gyros?

Step 1: Get some pita bread and fill it up with meat.

Step 2: Give the sandwich some character! Add some onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce on top for more flavor. Don’t forget the tzatziki sauce or spicy hummus, too.

Step 3: Try not to eat this on a busy street corner because you might get arrested for public indecency.

Step 4: Bite little pieces off so you can stuff your face while there’s still time. If you’re too hungry, take a big fat bite.

Is Gyro A Taco?

No, a gyro is not a taco. Tacos are traditionally served in a corn or flour tortilla with savory Mexican-inspired fillings.

Gyros on the other hand are usually served in pita bread and come with sides of fries or onion rings. You can also find some gyros which include beef, lamb, pork, chicken or vegetables inside the traditional thin layer of ground meat.

Is a Gyro Fattening?

A Gyro is absolutely fattening. Gyro meat (aka doner kebab) is the combination of lamb mince and pork, which experts say is bad news in itself.

The best thing about a gyro might be its sidekick pita bread with something topped off in tzatziki sauce – but all that fat from the sauce will still add up in what your body can’t process or store it in, so yes, a gyro can be considered fattening.

But have you tasted one lately?

Well worth it!

 Gyros aren’t so uniquely unhealthy that you can’t have one or two to occasionally fit any cravings.

How Many Calories In One Gyro?

The amount of calories in one gyro depends on the toppings, but 600-700 is a good number for most people.

700 calories can either be an appetizer or dessert for some!

I recommend going easy on the pita bread and adding a lot less tzatziki or hummus to reap more of those delicious Mediterranean flavors.

But, if you don’t have a problem with carbs, then go for it!


In conclusion, a gyro is not a sandwich. It’s made of pita bread with lamb or beef chunks and tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce wrapped up together in the fluffy goodness that only a big ole’ pita can provide.

I think it sounds delicious!

Have you ever tried one?

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