Is a Curry a Soup?

Is a curry a soup? This is one question that has been a source of debate among many culinary food lovers. Some believe that it is because of the way it looks and is prepared, while others believe that it is because of the soup’s history.

So is a curry a soup? Curry is most certainly not a soup. It’s made up of spices, ginger, coriander, and other ingredients that are common in many eastern inspired dishes.

In fact, soup is defined as “food prepared from stocks, broths or meat juices.” Curry does not fit into this definition.

Curry – Not a Soup

So, is a curry a soup? Clearly, curry is not a soup.

You can’t put a curry into a saucepan and heat it to boiling. A hearty stew or chili would be closer to something you could call “soup.”

In fact, the word ‘curry’ actually comes from the Tamil word “Kari,” which means “sauce.” So, if a dish is called a curry, it’s usually because of the sauce or seasoning being used to flavor the dish.

The difference between soup and curry is the main ingredient used to make them.

Curry ingredients are spices: dried herbs, peas, beans, seeds, bark, and roots. Sesame seeds are one of the main ingredients in curry sauces.

On the other hand, soup is made using stock or broth like beef broth, chicken broth, or fish stock that has been cooked with herbs and vegetables.

What exactly is a curry?

Curry is a dish with gravy or sauce, and it may be meat, fish, poultry, egg, rice, vegetables, and combinations of them.

Curries can also contain herbs and spices such as ginger, garlic paste or tomato puree, and curry leaves.

In other words, curry is not considered as a soup, and it is cooked and eaten with an accompaniment such as rice or bread.

Some popular types of curries include:

  • Thai green curry
  • Butter chicken
  • Alleppey fish curry

So, now you know what exactly is a curry. It’s not soup.

Can you eat curry-like soup?

Some restaurants may claim to serve “curry” soup, but this isn’t the traditional curry that comes from India. Some people who are not aware of this distinction may believe it’s a type of soup, but it’s really not.

Instead, these dishes are usually soups with some sort of curry sauce or seasoning poured over them.

The ingredients used in this type of soup are stock or broth, veggies, and noodles. Sometimes meatballs too.

Is curry spice or a dish?

Many people believe that curry is a spice.

However, this isn’t true either. In fact, most spices usually come from plants and trees, which can grow in tropical regions of the world.

Curry, on the other hand, is not a specific ingredient or plant. It’s more of a mixture of many different spices and ingredients.

The fact is that curry is not a single ingredient. It’s truly an amalgamation of flavors.

So, it’s really difficult to answer the question – Is curry a dish or is it a spice?

Is curry soup spicy?

When you think of curries, the first thing that comes to mind is how “spicy” they can be.

As many of us know, different types of dishes prepared in India tend to use spices like chili peppers and other hot ingredients.

These spices are used for their flavor as well as to help preserve food for longer periods of time.

Even though curries do use spices, they aren’t necessarily spicy the way you might think. However, there are some curry dishes that can be quite hot and spicy.

You can always make a simple, classic curry dish by using spices that are milder.

Is curry healthy or unhealthy?

Some people think of curry as something that is unhealthy.

This may be because many recipes for curries tend to use coconut milk, butter, and oil. Unfortunately, these ingredients are high in fat which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to eat a healthy diet.

However, not all curries use these ingredients since they can be substituted with other ingredients.

In fact, some curry recipes try to use healthy ingredients like coconut oil or ghee, which are high in fat but contain medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which may help with weight loss.

So, the bottom line is that it depends on how you prepare your curry and whether you’re using healthy ingredients.

How do you make curry soup?

Curry is one of the main ingredients in many types of soup.

This means that there are many different ways to prepare curry soup. Depending on what style you want, you’ll need to choose the ingredients carefully.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can add lots of different things to your soup, such as vegetables, meat, noodles, broth, and spices.

Curry soup can be prepared in many different ways.

You could make it creamy with heavy cream, or you could try using traditional curry recipes made with coconut milk or water instead.

Some soups are spicy, whereas others are milder. So it really depends on how you want your soup to taste.


In conclusion, curry is not a soup. It’s a combination of spices and other ingredients that vary depending on the type of curry you’re cooking.

It’s one of the main ingredients in many different types of soup, but you can also use it as a seasoning for your dishes. It’s up to you how you want to use it!

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